Federico Nobili's Curriculum

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Federico Nobili

Writer, director, teacher and political consultant.

Born in 1967, he has a degree in Philosophy (Pisa, Italy), after a scholarship in Paris (Université de Paris 1 - Sorbonne). Degree thesis: Miracle and astonishment in Spinoza's Philosophy.

Since 1990 he is President of Gruppo Eliogabalo, an Association dealing with audiovisual research and production, theatre, teaching method, literature, music and organization of cultural events.

Since 1996 he is Artistic Director of Comunicare fa male - Communication hurts (Fivizzano and Massa Carrara, North of Tuscany), an original Festival mixing philosophy, literature, cinema, video, theatre, contemporary art, science, international law, politics, with the presence of some of the most important man of letters, artists, journalists and scholars in Italy, and a lot of prestigious collaborations: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Cesena), Festival Confusion& dell'Appennino reggiano (Reggio Emilia), Bottega di Musica e Comunicazione di Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (Bologna), Associazione Kufia (Napoli), Futur Anterieur (Paris), Fundación Gustavo Bueno de Oviedo (Spagna), Fundación Ortiz de La Habana (Cuba)...

He worked in 1991 with French videoartist Robert Cahen. Between 1990 and 1999 he produced 39 experimental videos (presented in some of the most important European Videoart Festivals: Locarno, Montbéliard, Bruxelles, etc.), 3 documentaries and a successful and shocking series of audiovisual installations (Stanza della Memoria - Room of Memory - 2002, 2003, 2004, Palazzo Ducale di Massa; Museo Cervi di Reggio Emilia).

He wrote directed and performed in La sesta ora - The sixth hour (1995), an experimental movie by Franz Kafka.

He wrote directed and performed in 4 plays: Suicidati della società - Suicided by society (1997), Una bella rivoluzione - A fine revolution (1999), Nel grande incendio - In the big fire (2001), La parola buio - Word darkness (2003)

Main publications: La bestia nel bianco - The beast into the white, Buonanotte infinita - Infinite Goodnigth, Viaggio involontario - Involuntary journey (Gruppo Eliogabalo - 1995, 1998, 1999); Stanza dell'idiota - Idiot Stanza (TraccEdizioni, 1997; translated in Russian by Kirill Sergeyev and published in Moscow in June 2000); Comunicare fa male (Appunti sparsi per una lettera non scritta a Jean Paul-Manganaro), in Réalités et temps quotidien: Matériaux de la culture italienne contemporaine (l'Harmattan, Paris, 2001); Esplodersi - To explode oneself, in Scrivere sul fronte occidentale - Writing from the western front (Feltrinelli; Milano, 2002).

He took part to the International Conference Rethinking Modernity (Moscow, 2002).

He organized with Rita Scrimieri La realtà esplosa - The outburst of reality: an International Conference on the relationship between contemporary art and critical geopolitical situations in present times; and a correlate Exhibition with Israeli artist Ronit Dovrat and Palestinian photographer Rula Halawani (Massa, Palazzo Ducale; Fivizzano, Convento degli Agostiniani; Prato, ex Macelli).

He teaches Philosophy and he is conducting a production project in Bologna in the Bottega di Musica e Comunicazione - Music and Communication Workshop, directed by the pop star and writer Giovanni Lindo Ferretti.

He's organizing the 9th edition of Comunicare fa male - 2004.

The 26th of July 2004 there will be in Bologna the film preview of his last movie: Il mattatoio di Dio - The slaughterhouse of God, a visionary confrontation between the words of the most radical writer of Modernity (Georg Büchner) and contemporary crisis of culture and civilization.

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